Amicable Aqua Saddle Pad

Amicable Aqua Saddle Pad

Our anatomical saddle pad features triple piping and binding in a complementary colour. What does Amicable mean? Amicable is used to describe peaople or things that are friendly, goodwilled, and peaceful!


These saddle pads are designed with a bamboo/cotton blend that is antibacterial and quick-drying so that helps to wick away moisture and sweat, keeping your horse comfortable for longer!


Our pads are thoroughly thought out and designed to offer wither and back clearance to allow our saddle pads to move with your horse, not against them.


The jump saddle pad has an added material patch on the girth area to help prevent rubbing of long girths. 


These saddle pads are only available in size Full but come in both dressage and jump cut!


Matching bonnets will be arriving by the end of this month! Purchase of this saddle pad will give you free shipping on the matching bonet when it arrives, just make sure to send me a message saying you would like to purchase a bonnet when they arrive!