Blush Rose Deluxe Saddle Pad

Blush Rose Deluxe Saddle Pad

Our elegant Blush Rose saddle pad is designed in a light-pink satin with piping in pearl and pink and our new ss-quilting. Adorned with our Lady Godiva Equestrian leather logo in a soft brown to not only keep with our environmentally friendly beliefs, but also look distinguished.


The saddle pad is created with a shiny, dirt resistant outer material, while the inner material, made with a bamboo blend, has a super quick-dry effect. The bamboo blend material keeps the horse dry during sweaty training sessions while also being super soft, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial to avoid any irritations on your horses skin. Not to mention bamboo is also the worlds most environmentally friendly fabrics!


Our new saddle pads feature a state-of-the-art anatomical fit. The spine has been shaped to allow for extra wither clearance in its natural shape, which means no having to pull it up during your ride or creating wierd creases by pulling it out of shape.


Style with other pieces from the same collection for a head-to-toe stylish look.