Leather Halter

Leather Halter

These Leather hybrid halters feature fancy hand stitching and are beautifuly padded where needed most. The extra padding over the anatomical headpiece allows for maximum comfort for you beloved best friend while the rope accross the nose gives you the security of having extra control when needed. These halters are perfect for outings when you want to look the part but also need a bit of extra pressure accross the nose for horses that can become a bit more forward while out competing. Even if you don't require the extra control the rope sections give the halter a unique but classy appearance.


Each halter comes with a matching leadrope

Available in

Black rope with black leather

Grey rope with black leather

Beige rope with brown leather


Sizing runs large.


Sizing was stamped incorrectly so don't worry about the letter stamped into your halter.

    Rope Colour