Magnificent Mauve Saddle Pad

Magnificent Mauve Saddle Pad

Our Magnificent Mauve saddle pad is the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your horsey wardrobe. This Mauve saddle pad is made for all you pink/purple lovers out there. This collection is also made with rosegold piping to match iRide equestrian apparel Mauve baselayers!


This anatomical saddle pad features triple piping and binding in a complementary colour.

The saddle pad has unique stop cushions at the front to stop the saddle slipping and to provide extra comfort.

The inside is designed with an antibacterial and quick-drying material that helps to wick away moisture and sweat.

A shaped spine also helps the saddle pad hold itself up off of your horses wither to protect their back.

The satin finish repells dirt and paired with the anti-bacterial underside makes it an easy saddle pad to clean. Either hose down and hang out to dry, or cold wash in your washing machine.