Sheepskin ROM Breastplate

Sheepskin ROM Breastplate

This breastplate has been designed with the horses Range of Movement in mind. This means that our ROM breastplate allows the horses shoulder to move as freely as possible, making it perfect for jumping, galloping, and any riding really!


This style of ROM breastplate also features removable Sheepskin on the chest and wither to avoid rubbing while the horse works. Having the sheepskin removable makes this breastplate super easy to clean. Just pull of the sheepskin to rinse it out after XC or to oil your gear before a show, and then stick straight back on with the tough velcro.


The ROM breastplate also has removable rings and girth strap for those who do not need them. The points that attach to the rear girth point are made from heavy duty elastic to allow for a small amount of of movemnt while riding.


This breastplate is available in both Black and Brown leather.

One size fits Cob and Full