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About Lady Godiva Equestrian

We are an Australian and NZ owned and run equestrian brand who have designed our products to be as environmentally friendly as possible while still maintaining an amazing quality. We aim to provide our products at an affordable cost for every equestrian to afford.


The basis for the concept of sustainability in the world of consumerism is buying items produced efficiently, using minimal amounts of raw materials, water and energy. We here at Lady Godiva Equestrian follow this philosophy. The selection of recycled and ethically sourced products available at our Online Equestrian Store is extremely varied and of the highest quality.

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Laura Wallace is a 5* event rider based in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Laura has a team of 5 eventing horses ranging from Eva60 - 5*, a dressage horse who is training Elementary, as well as several other client horses in training. She also coaches and runs an agistment business.

In 2022 Laura is looking forward to getting all the horses back out competing and taking Hector to Adelaide 5*.

"I'm all about supporting Australian based businesses and I'm so fortunate to be sponsored by Lady Godiva Equestrian, whose values and vision I share."

Follow Laura on Instagram @BURWOODEVENTING



Chelsea Johnson is a 25 year old, 1* event rider based just south of Sydney, NSW.

Chelsea owns a spotted warmblood stallion named Cayuse Xxtra Grand whom she has owned since he was 8 months old.

When Chelsea is not at work she spends her time riding, training horses, coaching and breeding foals.

In 2023 Chelsea is looking forward to stepping upto 2* Eventing on Gibbs.

"This is my third year representing Lady Godiva Equestrian and I'm super excited to be on the team again!"

Follow Chelsea on Instagram @JOHNSONEVENTING



Ruby Rae is a 15 year old 1* Event rider and Show Jumper based in WA.

Ruby has 3 horses Wren, Neville and Ben.

Ben is a 21 year old Off the track Thoroughbred and former 5* eventer.

Wren is a 7 year old warmblood who has competed Eva95 eventing and 1.10m SJ.

Neville is a 4 year old still in training.

In 2022 Ruby looks forward to getting back out competing and hopes to compete at 2*.


"I'm so excited to represent Lady Godiva Equestrian in 2022 with my team of horses!"

Follow Ruby on Instagram @RUBYRAE_EVENTING


Kirra Lee

Kirra Lee is a 21 year old show jumper based on the Gold Coast, Qld.

Kirra started her riding career in France from 2 years of age. She has since moved to Australia and competed throughout the entire show season. Kirra has show jumped up to 1.20m while out competing.

Kirra has recently purchased a young Finch Farm horse that she has broken in and will be starting to compete this year. Luigi is 4 years old and 15.3hh. 

Follow Kirra on Instagram @KIRRA.EQUESTRIAN



Toni is a 15 year old Show Jumper from Auckland, New Zealand competing her 9 year old, 14.2hh, bush pony gelding, Circle K Spot On (Bling).


Toni is currently competing 1.15m and in 2023 hopes to keep moving up the heights.

“I am so excited to be a sponsored rider for Lady Godiva Equestrian. This brand is just amazing. I love the quality."

Follow Toni on Instagram @TONIGOLOSSOP.SJ




Freya is a 14 year old equestrian from Hobart, Tasmania.

Freya owns a WB x TB mare named Saffi, who she hopes to pursue dressage and eventing with during the 2023 season.

"I am very excited to be representing Lady Godiva Equestrian as an ambassador this season!"

Follow Freya on Instagram @SAFFRON.EVENTING


Blayke Piggins-Massaad

My name is Blayke Piggins-Massaad and i am 14 years old. I have 6 horses - too many. Mr Ed who is the cutest, he is a haflinger and i have competed eva 60cm eventing and have showjumped 80cm with him. My goal is to do novice dressage with him this year! Next is Wilbur ( Cayuse De Niro Red ) who is a 3 year old spotted WB and my goal is to get him out and about towards the end of this year. Lexi lou who is a knabstrupper x WB. my goal for her is to get up to eva 80cm and showjumping 90-1m by the end of the year! Than Razz who is retired, and then Lily who is our broodmare who is also Wilbur’s mum, and Lenny our first foal!!


I am so excited to be apart of an amazing opportunity, and so excited to be apart of growing, representing and supporting a sustainable, high quality and an affordable small business. i have been using Lady Godiva products in my everyday life for 2 years now they are just stunning

Follow Blayke on @BPM.EQUESTRIAN

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Zara Villacorta

Zara is a 14yo eventer from Sydney, NSW.

Zara currently competes 95 eventing, and 1.05m SJ with her team of 2 17.1hh+ Irish sport horse, grey mares Celtic Frost (Frosty) and Celtic Frolic (Envy).

Zara plans to step up to 1* eventing and 1.10/1.15m SJ during the 2023 season as well as elementary dressage.

"I'm incredibly excited to be an ambassador for Lady Godiva Equestrian as the products are not only stunning and have impeccable quality and design, but they also have amazing values. I love their practices and drive in creating such eco-friendly and sustainable products and I'm over the moon to have this amazing opportunity to work with them this year!"

Follow Zara on Instagram @ZVB_EVENTINGG


Cailin Bobberman

Cailin is a 27yo based in Brisbane, Qld. Cailin started her riding journey 6 years ago and has since found a passion in the way of young horses.

She loves breaking them in and producing them, whether this be for herself or for clients.

This year Cailin will be starting the competition season with a new group of horses, mostly focusing on SJ, but across a variety of disciplines. The most important part about riding to Cailin is having fun!

"I love being able to support a small Aussie business that provides quality products with the best customer service. Love being able to be a long term shopper to now helping promote this brand!"

Follow Cailin on Instagram @CAILINNILIAC

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